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Security policy

The principles governing the security of Macco Tecnología para el ocio, S.L.'s information systems are as follows:

  • Respect and exact fulfillment of the legislation in force.

  • Risk management, which involves prior analysis, the implementation of measures to eliminate or, where appropriate, minimise them, as well as ongoing review in order to keep this management actively updated.

  • Guarantee of confidentiality in the information, so that only the people who must make use of the personal data will be authorized and enabled to make use of them.

  • Guarantee of integrity, so that the data are exact, precise and the minimum necessary.

  • Guarantee of availability, through the implementation of the corresponding contingency plan.

  • Proportionality of the measures in order to adequately balance security, risk and the normal functioning of the organisation.

  • Updating and improvement. By means of the temporary planning of the periodic revisions of the functioning of the system for its adaptation to the technologies and prevention of new risks. As well as the implementation of the improvements defined from any incident that may have occurred.

The responsibility of all people who have access to information and the necessary training in order to comply efficiently and effectively with all existing policies in the company.

Macco Tecnología para el ocio, S.L. implements security measures in order to avoid any incidence, although it must be borne in mind that the absolute guarantee of security on the Internet does not exist.

The user can and should take certain self-protection measures that will help make this site a safer place. Among others:


  • Use strong and secure passwords.

  • Avoid disclosing your username and password to third parties.

  • Keep your equipment (computers, mobiles, tablets, etc...) updated with the latest version of the software.

  • Review the software configuration options in order to prevent it from providing your navigation data, user name, password, etc.

  • Access this website by typing directly the address, or from known hyperlinks and warranties.

  • Do not provide, under any circumstances, any request to provide your personal data or access (username or password) by email or telephone.

  • To inform the authorities of any abnormal incident to which you may have been subject, as well as to periodically consult the information provided through INCIBE and, in particular, the Office for the Security of Internet Users.

Last update: 12/08/2019

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