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Faced with the consequences and the lack of means of the different institutions and companies due to the Coronavirus pandemic at Macco, we have developed a series of technological solutions to combat this invisible enemy

What do you get with our solutions?

Spaces free of COVID-19 contamination

Perform risky tasks by contagion

Avoid unnecessary contacts between people

Disinfection Dbot


Desinfection Dbot is trained to disinfecting autonomously through its spray nozzles with a disinfecting solution.

Bibot V.4

Promobot V.4 communicates with people, moves autonomously and connects with third-party services and external systems: from databases to applications. The robot is autonomous – it does not need human control for its work. An enhanced version of the robot is equipped with a non-contact thermometer and can conduct a survey on initial symptoms of COVID-19

Thermo Reader


Thermocontrol screening terminals are equipped with a non-contact thermometer along with a face detection camera. A standard version shows notifications and body temperature measurement results. Thermocontrol+ is enhanced with a facial recognition system and can be integrated with security control systems. Screening terminals help limit the access to the building if the person’s temperature is higher than normal.

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